miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

sleepy!!! after a intensive wrestle with bears and pillows, they finally rest, happy
time ago, on the beach.

viernes, 11 de junio de 2010

me & my love *


So we went to Brasil on february, and i just wanted to share with you, only one image that shows pretty good how the little ones enjoyed it. they had a blaaaaaaaast (blast esta bien?... huy..)

jueves, 10 de junio de 2010

laughing theyre asses off!!


So here's what i was talking about, we just brought so much happiness to my tatita Jaime, and he brought it to us, what a great moment right there.

Visiting my Tatita Jaime, he passed two years ago, and about a month ago we went and visit him, oh im sure we made him sooo happy, he really loves kids , and the kids had so so so much fun there, they laughed theyre asses off jajajajaja, we brought happiness around there, they even put some stickers of ice creams and candy for my tata.
very nice day*
TOMÁS ! ! galáaaaaaaaaaaaaan!............

SIMÓN ! ! simpaticoooooooooooooooooo